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Planar Transformer PCB

Planar Transformer PCB

The successful development of planar magnetic core can realize planar transformer design. Since the planar transformer requires the magnetic core and windings to be planar structure, multi-layer PCB windings should be adopted.Now, many companies have developed planar transformer, Pulse, the company developed a planar magnetic components, Israel Payton Payton company has developed a Planetics planar transformer, power from 5 w to 20 kw, since 20 KHZ and 2 MHZ frequency, efficiency can reach 98%, usually is the telecommunications, electric welding machine, computers and peripherals, network, medical electronics, industrial control, security system and the choice of electronic equipment.

    Material: PI

    Layers: 10 layers

    Thickness: 0.45mm

    Size: 30x22 mm

    copper thickness: 1OZ

    HDI: Yes, blind hole

    Space/trace: 6/6 mil

    Min hole:0.15mm

    surface treatment: Immersion gold 2U"

    We are one of the professional planar transformer pcb manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering the best services and the highest quality solutions for you. Please rest assured to get the high quality products made in China from our factory.
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