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Rigid PCB

  • Rogers RT 6010-1.0 Mm

    Contact NowRogers RT 6010-1.0 MmSpecifications/Special Features: Material: RO4003 Thickness of copper: according to stack-up Minimum clearance: 0.15mm Minimum holes size: 0.1mm Minimum...Read More

  • Rogers RT 6010

    Contact NowRogers RT 6010Key Specifications/Special Features: Material: RT 6010 Thickness of copper: according to stack-up Minimum clearance: 0.15mm Minimum holes size: 0.1mm...Read More

  • Gold Finger PCBs

    Contact NowGold Finger PCBsKey Specifications/Special Features: Layer: 4 L Material: FR4, TG170 PCB thickness: 1.6mm+/-8% Final copper thickness: 2oz Minimum hole: 0.25mm Min line...Read More

  • Plated Gold PCBs

    Contact NowPlated Gold PCBsPCB specification: Minimum order quantity: 1 piece Layer: up to 30 layers Material: FR4, FR1, CAM1, 22F TG: 130-170 Surface: HASL, ENIG, OSP Min drill size:...Read More

  • Half Hole PCBs

    Contact NowHalf Hole PCBsKey Specifications Professional printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer in Shenzhen China Layer: 4L Material: FR4 (special material are available) PCB...Read More

  • 2 Layers Half Hole PCBs

    Contact Now2 Layers Half Hole PCBsKey Specifications/Special Features: Key specifications/Key specifications/special features: Professional printed circuit board manufacturer MOQ:1 piece...Read More

  • 4 Layers Immersion Gold

    Contact Now4 Layers Immersion GoldKey Specifications 1. 4 layer PCB 2. Base material: FR4 3. Board thickness: 1.2mm 4. Copper thickness: coz 5. Minimum hole size: 0.35mm 6. Minimum line...Read More

  • 6 Layers Immersion Gold

    Contact Now6 Layers Immersion GoldKey Specifications FR4(Tg170) material, 1.60mm thick, 1 OZ finished copper on all layers, ENIG surface finish, Green solder mask, Copper fill by VCP...Read More

  • 4OZ Gold PCBs

    Contact Now4OZ Gold PCBsKey Specifications: P/N: Shenbei1358-99 Material: FR4 TG180 layer: 8 layers Size: 224 X 218 mm Thickness:0.25mm Copper thickness: 4/4 OZ Min line/space:...Read More

  • 4 OZ PCBs

    Contact Now4 OZ PCBsProduct Details P/N: Shenbei1288-33 Material: FR4 TG180 Layers: 6 layers Size: 122 X 120 mm Thickness:2.0mm Copper thickness: 4/4 OZ Min line/space: 12/12...Read More

  • 3 OZ PCBS

    Contact Now3 OZ PCBSSpec: P/N: Shenbei1288-22 Material: FR4 TG170 Size: 98 X 66 mm Thickness:1.8mm Copper thickness: 3/3 OZ Min line/space: 12/10 mil Min hole: 0.25mm...Read More

  • FPC For WPC

    Contact NowFPC For WPCProduct Details Key Specifications/Special Features: Material: PI Layers: 2 layers Thickness: 0.2mm Min hole: 0.15mm Min space and line: 4/4 mils Copper...Read More

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