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Rigid PCB

  • PCB-004

    Contact NowPCB-004Key Specifications/Special Features: 8-layer PCB Base material: FR-4 T170 Thickness: 1.6mm Finishing: immersion tin/gold, outlined by CNCrouting Solder...Read More

  • PCB-003

    Contact NowPCB-003Key Specifications/Special Features: Our products are widely used in the new energy industry, automobile electronic industry, network and communication,...Read More

  • PCB-002

    Contact NowPCB-002PCB, PCBA manufacturing and IC package manufacturing are based on the research of basic materials and manufacturing process, belonging to the category of...Read More

  • PCB-001

    Contact NowPCB-001ShenBei Group(HK)Co.,Ltd. Shenbei Group is a Medium-sized enterprises, which is professional in PCB manufacture. Shenbei has invested 150 million in...Read More

  • Planar Transformer PCB

    Contact NowPlanar Transformer PCBThe successful development of planar magnetic core can realize planar transformer design. Since the planar transformer requires the magnetic core and...Read More

  • Ukey PCB-5

    Contact NowUkey PCB-5Product certification:Provide relevant certification and technical support。 Support services:PCB design、Function fixture test、Flying probe test。Read More

  • Ukey-PCB-4

    Contact NowUkey-PCB-4Shenbei Group can provide all kinds of Ukey PCB,if you have any questions about Ukey PCBs,please contact to us.Read More

  • Ukey PCB-3

    Contact NowUkey PCB-3We provide U-key PCB desgin,PCB Fab and PCBA and test!Read More

  • Ukey-PCB2

    Contact NowUkey-PCB2Shenbei Group can provide all kinds of Ukey-PCB and PCB desgin and PCBA for you.Read More

  • U-Key PCB1

    Contact NowU-Key PCB1UKey is a small storage device that is directly connected to the computer through USB (universal serial bus interface), has password verification function,...Read More

  • HDI Of 16 Layers

    Contact NowHDI Of 16 LayersKey Specifications/Special Features: 16 layer, size 274X194.5mm, 1pc/array, material EM827,2.3mm thick, 1&H OZ copper on inner layers, 1OZ copper on...Read More

  • PCB Antenna

    Contact NowPCB AntennaKey Specifications/Special Features: Maximum power: 10W Frequency range: 433 ±10MHz VSWR: ≤1.5 Input impedance: 50Ω Gain: 2.15dBi Polarization: vertical...Read More

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