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POS machine   receiving magnetic strip card reading security module scheme
Project product name:Magnetic   head read card payment moduleItem   type:Identification   - authentication - payment
Core chip reference:BrandMeiXin



Support   agreement:ISO7811、ISO7812、ISO7813
Support for RF:Working frequency and modeNO
Radio frequency modulation
Module support interface:Three - track magnetic stripe card reader   interface、SPI、I2C、USART
Modules can extend the interface:There is plenty of room for expansion
Drive:No drive
Microprocessor   development
Safe:AES hardware accelerator, hardware random number generator,   self-destruct input for tamper detection, permanent lock loader can be   selected, scrambler.
function:MAXQ1741 is a microcontroller based on MAXQ20C for integration   into card reader.The device can be connected directly to the 3-rail card   reader to provide security for POS or ATM card readers on the   machine/magnetic card interface.Encryption is provided by the hardware AES   engine.Safety features include self-destruct input (for tamper detection),   scrambler, quick erasure of NV SRAM when tampering is detected, and power   rail monitoring (over-voltage condition).16KB flash memory provides   non-volatile storage for user programs and other static, non-volatile data.
Application module:Magnetic   stripe card, three-track magnetic head card reader, small closed loop mode of   settlement system/information system software platform breaks through ATM/POS   terminals/security facilities/building access control application.
Product form:Independent product formShape of core chip IDH module,   SMT/COB mounting mode, base plate adopts flexible circuit board FPCB, MESH   anti-detection and anti-disassembly design, and output module pin interface   through gold finger connector or sub socket.
Insert   terminal equipmentEntrance guard machine, ATM   machine, traditional POS machine, intelligent POS machine, MPOS machine, etc.
Common application cases:

For ex:Space compact MPOS terminal head safe card reading application.


Product problems:Program planning and product   designScheme planning: it can be   replaced by the chip scheme of sjai electronic partner;Product design: shijia   electronics provides IDH module ODM support with obvious cost performance,   patent protection and PCI security certification.
The   closed loop applicationMagnetic stripe card, magnetic   head card reader ISO standard, easy to operate.
Product   manufacturingIDH module & module must   guarantee the flatness of the substrate and the expansion and contraction of   the structure size.