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Performance Requirements For Double - Sided Circuit Boards
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Double-sided circuit boards are mainly designed to solve the complex design of the circuit and the area of the board, both sides of the board are installed components, double or multi-layer alignment.

Double-Sided Boards are routed on both sides. But to use the two sides of the wire, must be between the two sides have a proper circuit between the line. The "bridge" between such circuits is called via. Double PCB The guide hole is on the PCB, full of holes or metal holes, it can be connected with the two sides of the wire. Since the area of the double-sided circuit board is twice as large as that of the single-sided board, and because the wiring can be intertwined (can be wound around the other wall), Double PCB it is more suitable for use on a larger circuit than a single panel.

Harsh sense of the double-sided circuit board is a very important board in a PCB board, his use is great, to see a board PCB board is not double-sided circuit board is also very simple, Double PCB trusted friends on the single-sided The understanding is completely able to grasp the double-sided circuit board is an extension of the single-sided, meaning that the single-sided line is not used to turn to the opposite, double-sided circuit board is another important feature is a vias The Simple point is double-sided line, both sides have a line! A generous is: double-sided board is a double-sided circuit board! Some friends will ask like a board double-sided alignment, but only one wall of electronic parts, such as the board in the end is a double-sided circuit board or a single panel? The answer is significant, Double PCB so the board is a double-sided circuit board, but in the double-sided circuit board plate mounted on the parts Bale.

The main purpose of double-sided circuit boards.

Sided PCB board is a very important board in the PCB board, the market has double-sided circuit board metal base PCB board, Hi-Tg copper foil circuit board, flat winding double-sided circuit boards, high frequency PCB, hybrid dielectric base high-frequency double-sided circuit boards, Double PCB it applies to a wide range of high-tech industries such as: telecommunications, power supply, computer, industrial control, digital products, science and education equipment, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace defense.

Production method of double - sided circuit board.

Double-sided circuit boards are usually made of epoxy glass cloth with copper foil. It is mainly used for higher performance requirements of communications electronic equipment, Double PCB advanced instrumentation and electronic computers. Double-sided circuit board production process is generally divided into process wire method, plugging method, masking method and a number of graphic plating etch method.

Duplex circuit board wiring precautions.

Wiring is the production of double-sided circuit board an important part of the following look at the double-sided circuit board what are the notes.

1, the length of the trace as short as possible in order to minimize the lead inductance. In the low-frequency circuit, because the circuit current flowing through the common ground impedance or ground plane, Double PCB so to avoid the use of multi-point grounding.

2, the public ground should be arranged in the printed circuit board edge part. The circuit board should be as much as possible to retain the copper foil to do ground, can enhance the shielding capacity.

3, double board can use the ground plane, the purpose of the ground plane is to provide a low impedance ground.

4, multi-layer printed circuit board, Double PCB you can set the ground layer, ground layer designed to mesh. The spacing of the ground grid can not be too large, because one of the main functions of the ground is to provide a signal return path. If the grid spacing is too large, a larger signal loop area will be formed. The large loop area can cause radiation and sensitivity problems. In addition, the signal return to the actual loop area of small path, the other ground does not work.

5, the ground surface can make the radiation loop is small.

Each family has a lot of electrical products, and electrical products are not open from the circuit board. Double-sided circuit boards are now using more of a circuit board, for many friends, the two-sided circuit board is not very familiar with, learn some double-sided circuit board knowledge, allows us to better use some electrical appliances.