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Metal PCB Applications
- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. Metal PCB development and market conditions

With the development of electronic products to light, thin, small, high density, and multi-functional development, the assembly density and integration of components on PCBs are getting higher and higher, and the power consumption is getting bigger and bigger. More urgent, Metal PCB if the substrate heat dissipation is not good, it will lead to printed circuit board components overheating, so that the reliability of the machine down. In this context, a high heat dissipation metal PCB was born.

Metal PCB is the most widely used aluminum-based CCL, 1974 began to be used in STK series power amplifier hybrid integrated circuits. In the early 1980s, China's metal-based CCL was mainly used in military products, when metal PCB materials were completely dependent on imports and were expensive. In the late 1980s, Metal PCB with the extensive use and consumption of aluminum-based CCL in automobile and motorcycle electronic products, the development of metal PCB research and manufacturing technology and its application in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, electric power and so on have been promoted. widely used.

PCB substrate has three series (ie aluminum-based CCL, iron-based CCL, silicon steel CCL). Aluminum-based CCL, iron-based CCL, silicon steel CCL brand name were ALC-1401 and ALC-1370, ALC-5950 and ALC-3370 and ALC-2420.90 years later, Base CCL.

Metal substrate has three series, namely aluminum-based CCL, copper-based CCL, iron-based CCL. 704 plant aluminum-based CCL according to its characteristics are divided into general and high heat dissipation and high frequency circuit with three models, the commercial brands were MAF-01, MAF-02, MAF-03, copper substrate and iron substrate Commercial grades are LSC-043F and MSF-034, respectively. Metal PCB It is estimated that the global metal-based PCB output value of about 20 billion US dollars, Japan 1991 metal-based PCB output value of 2.5 billion yen in 1996 to 6 billion yen in 2001 increased to 80 billion yen, about 13% The speed of the increase.

At present, China's metal PCB market is expanding year by year, many foreign electronic assembly manufacturers have also invested in domestic construction, only the Pearl River Delta region aluminum-based CCL demand for about a thousand square meters per month, the domestic monthly demand is about 2000-3000m2, Metal PCB its market prospects are very good.

2. Metal PCB characteristics and application areas

Metal PCB is made of metal substrate (such as aluminum, copper, iron, silicon steel), high thermal insulation dielectric layer and copper foil composition. Insulating dielectric layer is generally made of high thermal conductivity of epoxy glass cloth adhesive sheet or high thermal conductivity of epoxy resin, insulation medium layer thickness of 80μm-100μm, metal plate thickness specifications for the 0.5 mm, 1.0mm, 1. 5 mm, 2.0 ma, 3.0 mm. Various metal substrate characteristics and application areas:

Iron-based CCL and silicon steel CCL have excellent electrical properties, magnetic permeability, pressure, substrate strength. Mainly used for brushless DC motor, tape recorders, included machine with a spindle motor and intelligent drive. But the silicon steel CCL is superior to iron-based CCL; copper-based CCL with aluminum-based CCL basic performance, the heat dissipation is better than aluminum-based CCL, Metal PCB the substrate can carry high current for the manufacture of power electronics and Automotive electronics and other high-power circuit with PCB, but the copper substrate density, high value, easy to oxidation, so that its application is limited, the amount is much lower than the aluminum-based CCL. </ P>

Aluminum-based CCL has excellent electrical performance, heat dissipation, electromagnetic shielding, high pressure and bending plus q-, Metal PCB can be used mainly for automobiles, motorcycles, computers, home appliances, communications electronics, power electronics products. Metal PCB in the aluminum-based CCL the largest market, the application examples are as follows.

Automotive electronic equipment: ignition, voltage i block device, ridicule ether detector, automatic safety control system, lighting conversion system, AC converter, SW power supply;

Motorcycle electronics: Power regulators, igniters, regulators; Computers: Power supplies, floppy drives, CPUs;

Power supply; switching regulator, switch, DC-DC converter, regulator, regulator, DC-AC converter, large power supply, solar power base;

Communication electronic products: car phones, mobile phone high frequency amplifier, filter circuit, the newspaper circuit;

Electronic control: relay, transistor base;

Switch; radiator, Metal PCB semiconductor device insulation thermal conductivity board, motor controller; other: IC chip carrier, air conditioner.

3. The main performance of metal PCB

The main properties of metal PCBs.

4. Metal PCB market trends

With the development of electronic technology, the market demand for aluminum-based CCL is heating up, while the technical requirements for metal PCB substrate is also getting higher and higher, can be summarized as the following aspects:

A. The thermal conductivity of metal PCB requirements higher;

B. Aluminum clad laminate is required to withstand higher breakdown voltages, requiring a maximum breakdown voltage of up to 15 kV (DC, AC). The 704 plant has been able to provide pressure resistant to 8 kV (AC) and 10 kV (DC) Copper cladding

C. Aluminum plate to the multi-layer development, the demand for high thermal conductivity of aluminum-based CCL sheet and supporting the thermal film.