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Rigid PCB
- Dec 31, 2016 -

In the electronic Assembly, printed circuit boards (Printed Circuit Boards) is a key part. It carries electronic components and connections to other circuits, the circuit to provide a stable work environment. As with its circuit configurations on the situation can be summarized into three categories: "single-panel" will provide the parts connection metal lines on the layout in insulating substrate material, the base plate and mounting parts support vehicle.

Double-sided "when one side of the circuit is not sufficient to provide electronic component connectivity requirements, circuit arrangement can be on both sides of the substrate, and built on the Board through-hole circuit to connect circuits on both sides of the plate surface. Rigid PCB material cardboard, fire Board, fiber Board.

"MLB" in a more complex application requirements, circuits can be arranged into layers of nodules and pressed together between layers and each layer is built through-hole circuit connected circuits.

CCL cut into sizes suitable for processing. Substrate laminator usually need to brush before grinding, micro-etching method the Board do the right rough copper processing, then at the right temperature to proper dry film photoresist on a seal attached. Will post good dry film photo-resist exposure in the base plate into the ultraviolet exposure machine, photoresist film light polymerization after ultraviolet irradiation (film in the region at a later development, copper etching steps will be preserved as etching resistance), and transferring negative lines on the image on the surface dry film photoresist. After the tear film on the surface of the insured the film, sodium carbonate aqueous solution on the membrane surface areas that are not affected by light wet shadow removal, and bare with hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide mixed solution of copper corrosion removal, forming lines. Then with aqueous sodium hydroxide to make a graceful exit of dry film photo-resists wash. For six (inclusive) above the inner layer circuit board to automatically locate the punch out of story lines on the base of riveting hole.

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