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Printed circuit board industry
- Dec 31, 2016 -

As the most widely used electronic components, PCB has a strong vitality. Whether seen from the relationship between supply and demand is judged from its historical cycle, in early 2006 is the industry boom in hill-climbing stage, continued strong demand and raw materials are pondering the levels boosted shipments of PCB manufacturers in the industrial chain, at least in the first quarter of 2006 "the off-season does not water" situation. From "withdrawal" up to "good".

Industry status

Benefit from Terminal turns support for new products and new markets, the global PCB market recovery and growth. Hong Kong printed circuit board Association (HKPCA) data and statistics 2011 stable development of the global PCB market, expected to grow 6-9%, while China is expected to grow 9-12%.  Taiwan Institute (IEK) report predicted 2011 global PCB production will increase by 10.36%, size of 41.615 billion dollars. According to analysis by Prismark data with industrial Securities Research Center report shows that PCB structure and product mix changes reflect the future development trend of the industry. To with with single/double Board, and multilayer Board output of declined, HDI Board, and package contains Board, and soft Board output of increased, showed that application Yu computer Board, and communications back Board, and car Board, field of growth compared slow, and should for high-end phone, and notebook computer, "thin short" electronic products of HDI Board, and package Board and soft Board also will keep fast growth.