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Printed circuit board industry
- Dec 31, 2016 -

Classified according to upstream and downstream industry chain, can be divided into raw materials-CCL-electronics-printed circuit board, the relationship is simple: fiberglass: fiberglass is one of CCL's raw materials, textile made of fiberglass yarn, and CCL costs about 40% (thick plate) and 25% (plates). Fiberglass yarn made of silica sand and other raw materials in the kiln burning into liquid through tiny nozzles into an alloy of fine glass fiber, glass fiber tangle into hundreds of pieces of fiberglass yarn. Kiln construction of huge investment funds normally takes hundreds of millions, and once the ignition must be 24 hours of uninterrupted production, and huge costs to entry and exit. Similar to fiberglass cloth manufacture and weaving enterprise, productivity and quality can be controlled by controlling the speed and relatively simple specification and stability, since almost no specification changed much since World War II. CCL and different prices of fiberglass most affected by supply and demand, in recent years, prices fluctuate between us $0.50-1.00/m. Taiwan and the mainland production accounted for about 70% of the world.

Copper: copper accounts for the largest share of CCL costs raw material accounted cost CCL 30% (thick plate) and 50% (plates), the copper price is the main driving force of laminate prices. Copper prices closely reflect changes in copper prices, but weaker bargaining power, with copper prices rising steadily, copper manufacturer in a difficult situation, many companies were forced to close, or being taken over, even laminate manufacturers accepted rising copper prices the copper foil manufacturers still in widespread loss. Since the emergence of price gaps, 2006 year there may be another wave of price increases in the first quarter, which could drive the CCL prices.