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Evaluation analysis and product certification
1、Material and component evaluation and analysis
1,Passive device test: measure the rf impedance parameters of chip devices
such as ceramic capacitors, rf inductors, ferrite beads, resistors, etc;
2、Semiconductor test: measurement of capacitor-voltage (c-v) characteristic curve and equivalent series resistance (ESR) of varactor diodes
3、Material test: measure the dielectric constant and the tangential value of loss Angle of plastics,ceramics, circuit board and other dielectric materials;The values of magnetic permeability and loss Angle of ferrite, amorphous (amorphous), nanocrystals and other magnetic materials were measured.


2、Circuit board product evaluation and analysis
1、Incoming material testing: FR4\PI polymer material, copper foil material, shielding film, absorbing material, ferrite
LCR device electrical and physical properties (tensile, peeling and size structure) testing;
2、Process detection: LCR and ICT can analyze low resistance, AOI can analyze line defects surface copper/hole copper thickness analysis, and tertiary analysis of lateral erosion effect;
3、Testing of finished products: LCR, EMI anti-interference, ESD anti-static, short circuit function, etc.Section analysis, tensile test, stripping test and other physical tests;Salt spray test, thermal shock, weldability, high and low temperature reliability test.


3、Evaluation and analysis of antenna products
1、Refers to the process of measuring the radiation directivity diagram, gain, efficiency, impedance, standing-wave ratio, polarization isolation, working frequency band and other electrical performance parameters of the antenna with instruments such as field intensity instrument, power meter, impedance graphic instrument or network analyzer and special test equipment such as standard antenna
2、The process of using inductance device tester, oscilloscope, RFID/NFC modulator demodulator, network analyzer, non-connected card reader and other equipment to test the resonant frequency, inductance, resistance, capacitance and other electrical performance parameters of the electromagnetic induction coil.
Focus on product performance comparison analysis


4、IDH module & module product evaluation analysis
1、Identification, authentication, payment, sensing: electronic label module \ smart card module \ nfc-picc module \ nfc-pcd module RF RF performance, EMI anti-interference performance, application function, scheme standard, reliability evaluation and analysis;
2、IOT transmission networking modules: bluetooth BLE (MESH edition), ZIGBEE, nb-iot, WIFI and other modules, RF RF performance, EMI anti-interference performance, application function, scheme standard, reliability evaluation and analysis.
3、ntelligent sensor module: data transmission module + traditional sensor RF RF performance, EMI anti-interference performance, application function, scheme standard, reliability evaluation and analysis.


5、Terminal equipment product certification
1、Mobile card terminal \ environment POS device NFC non-access authentication evaluation for municipal public traffic card payment;
2、NFC non-access authentication warehousing test for mobile terminal (mobile phone/bracelet/watch) of China mobile and package payment;
3、Mobile terminal (mobile phone/bracelet/watch) of China telecom wing payment NFC non-access authentication warehousing test;
4、NFC non-access authentication and evaluation of mobile card   terminal POS device of China unionpay cloud flash payment;
5、China unionpay POS machine QPBOC L1 certification and   evaluation;International unionpay POS machine EMV CTLS L1 authentication and evaluation;
6、EMV L2、Paypass、Paywave、Discovery approve.